VCR Cafe at KL

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Whenever we visit KL, we always have not enough time to visit café. So this time we are quite determined to try out a café. We were quite eager to find a good place for our Sunday Brunch. So here we are at VCR Café, which is probably the nearest café from Berjaya Time Square approx. 10 minutes walk. It is located at the corner of a row of old houses, not very prominent unless there is a crowd outside the shop. (if you cab there, beware of drivers go round and round to cheat your $$)

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Entrance of VCR Cafe

Time to explore the VCR! The moment I enter, I could already smell the fragrance of coffee and my eyes couldn’t stop peeping at what the rest of the customers had on their tables. I was eyeing at every single dish, from cookies to cakes, pastries and breakfast meal. Taking a look at the menu, I couldn’t make up my mind. In the end, we ordered whatever that was recommended by the staff.

The menu was also very classic – name and description of the dish.

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What did we Order?

  • Black Velvet Cake – RM 13.00
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Black Velvet Cake

Besides being colored in classic black, there was only a slight different in taste from the usual Red Velvet Cake that was more commonly sold. I was a little disappointed at the moisture and texture of the cocoa portion of the cake. It was a little flaky and broke into smaller pieces while we eat it. The cream cheese filling helps to enhance the sweetness of the cake. Thus, I felt that this may not the best choice of cake to try.

Taste: 3/5

  • Soft Shell Crab Burger – RM26.00
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Best Food – Soft Shell Crab Burger!!

This was my favorite dish among everything else! The burger was soft and went very well with their homemade tartar sauce! It was like a Japanese burger- deep fried soft shell crab served with egg, sesame, seaweed, pickle, onion jam and tartar sauce. I love the deep fried soft shell crab which came in one full piece, it was crispy, sweet, juicy and savory! This is definitely a must try!

Taste: 5/5

  • Potato Waffle – RM 25.00
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Unique Waffle made from potato and flour, topped with a generous portion of mushroom, herb salad, 63 degree egg and tomato fondue, something to try even though I felt that the waffle was average, I would prefer it to be crispier on the outer layer. But I am impressed by the combination of potato waffle with poached egg! It’s always good to try something new!

Taste: 4/5

  • Turkish Style Egg – RM 25.00Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This is so different from what we expect haha we had no idea what this was and why we ordered it. It was recommended by the staff at the counter. So apparently it was Pomodoro Sauce with Chickpea, 63 degree eggs, chipolata, greek yogurt, pistachio and sourdough toast. Yes a long list of ingredients. There is a lot of chickpea so i wont recommend if you are not very fond of chickpea.

Taste: 3.5/5

  • French Toast – RM19



So this is French Toast? Yeeeaaa

This was entirely different from what we expected when we ordered French Toast. So it’s basically French toast with Espresso Ice-cream, Raspberry dressing, Crumbles and Mocha Sauce! It totally not the usual French toast but it was beautiful and yummy! The crumbles were good and the whole combination makes it a perfect dessert!

Taste: 4/5

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All in all, great ambience, quality food, friendly staff, great café to visit! The soft shell crab burger was my no. 1 choice if I were to try again! The potato waffle is good for sharing if you have 2 or more people! It really within walking distance from Berjaya time square so fill your stomach before heading to Bukit Bintang for great shopping and entertainment!


2 Jalan Galloway
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 2330

Opening Hours: Daily 08:00 – 23:00

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AMPED Trampoline Park Singapore

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Are you looking for some crazy, fun things to do in Singapore? There is now something for you to try! The Amped Trampoline Park is Singapore’s first indoor trampoline park – the place to go for you to bounce, jump and sweat it out! Basically it is a huge area (5000 square feet) full of interconnected Trampolines with various activity zones including the dodge ball court, slam dunk lanes, a foam pit, airbag and main trampoline jumping area.

At the foam pit, you can test out your balancing skill by walking on the colored flat rope! And if you fall you will lane in the foam so just fall lah!

It’s hard to take a shoot with everyone in the AIR!

YOU NEVER KNOW HOW FUN IT CAN BE UNTIL YOU TRY! It forces you to jump and you are actually having a great workout while having fun! This is also a place for you if you ever wanted to perform acrobatic stunts!

For first time jumpers, you have to purchase the grip socks(3SGD/pair) and watch a 3 minutes safety video. For subsequent visits, the socks can be washed and worn again. Jumping is fun! We also played dodge ball and tried all the activities in the amped park!

This is a perfect place for anyone and everyone! Furthermore, it is suitable for all ages (children aged three and below require a parent to physically accompany them onto the trampolines while those aged between 4 and 11 need a parent to be on the premise, i.e. parents can remain in the seating area.) which mean you can go with your family and friends, everyone can participate and have endless bouncing fun together!

When you are ready to head down for the indoor trampoline park, do take note that it is recommended to book in advance as there’s limited jump slot for you safety! You won’t want to crash into people everywhere you jump! We went to the River Valley one and it is not very crowded on a weekday night!


46 Kim Yam Road,  The Herencia, Singapore 239351 (Unit #02-11)

Tel: 8228.5961

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Singapore Homerun baseball 

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I believe some of you have already heard of this place or seen it on blogs before, that’s how I got to know about this place as well. The name baseball sounds like it is physically intensive, you are wrong, no running is involved! All you have to do is batting and pitching, sounds easy right but maybe not. It might not be easy to start. At the same time, this may not apply to you because I have no talent/ skills in baseball HAHA! Basically with no idea how to bat, I miss most of the balls HEHE But, it gets better as you try more.

Baseball Model

The lighted number will off when shoot

The place is smaller than what I expected. There are 4 different batting lanes (1 softball and 3 baseball) with different speed ranging from 80km to 110km catered to different skill level. Besides the batting lane there is 1 pitching lane where by the machine will automatically shoot out the 12 ball per token. All you have to do is CATCH, AIM, and THROW. Best thing here is that everything is automated, it resembles like an arcade whereby you purchase token at the counter and get to play them by placing the token into the machine, and you don’t have to pick up the baseball at all! So basically you don’t have to be I sports attire as long as you are comfortable.

We went on a weekday night so it wasn’t really crowded which was a real advantage! You do not have to queue and can choose which lanes you prefer. And also for people like me, it is less stressful and embarrassed even if you hit (miss) the balls shot from the automatic pitcher.

For those that say Singapore is boring, there is nothing to do in Singapore or if you are thinking of what to do or where to go, why not try this? It is really a good activity to try for everyone!

Homerun Baseball
200 Pandan Gardens
Singapore 609336

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Philips Avance XL Airfryer

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Finally after much consideration and temptation, we finally purchased one! YAY! What is it? It is simply a low fat fryer using Rapid Air technology. Are you sure that machine can fry food? Will it be worth my money? You may say you don’t usually eat fried food and already have an oven, so why bother? That was exactly what took us so long to have the air fryer. But now having an air fryer, it can make nearly anything! You can bake, grill, roast and fry but sadly you can’t steam. Up to now, I am still impressed by all the food and entered my air fryer and came out amazing delicious.

Tadaa!!! See that PAID sticker? It is officially coming home with me! Air Fryer in Box!

Free Cook Book by Courts!! They also gave us a free scissors and a knife!   Philip Air fryer cook book included in the packaging!
Here it is placed in my kitchen! No assembling is required, just open and this is what you see!
It comes in 2 colour black or marble white! We laid aluminium foil under the net to ease the washing! You can do that too!

First time using air fryer! Fried Chicken without Oil!
Di di di Time’s Up !

Here you can see the oil that drip down !! We didn’t put any oil! 

What to try next? Of course Fries!! It is the first thing many people will try when they get the air fryer!

The key thing here is soaking the fries in water first, drying them and cooking at low temperature until cooked and increasing the temperature to brown and crisp them! The fries aren’t exactly what i ate from Mac Donald , don’t expect to have McDonald fries. But… the fries with air fryer has a healthy stamp! They were pretty crispy in the outside and soft inside.

Instructions : Soak the fries in water for 30 mins, dry it thoroughly with paper towel. Preheat the airfryer 165degree for 3 mins and you can start cooking the fries at 160degree at 6 mins and then 190 degree for 10 mins. The air fryer heats up quickly and come back this is what you will see! First time and i am satisfied with the taste! Time to enjoy the fries !
So can the airfryer bake? Yes it can! Here is the first time i bake using airfryer!

Oh yeah! So far it look like it is a pretty handy machine! The food taste pretty delicious retaining its original taste! The Air Fryer provides numerous benefits and really makes a different to my family. It is becoming one of the most used appliances ! The key point is its speed and you can get delicious healthy food almost effortlessly! It sets itself aside from the normal oven, the crisp and sweetness of the food. The Air fryer really do impressive stuff and it works on almost any food. We tried making fries fish, chicken, fries, and even prawn cracker. And yes, it works!

Another reason that we purchased it after observing it for a long time was the price. Since we have an oven at home we felt that the purpose of air fryer is the same and there was no need for it. But after trying it out, I can now say that yes there is a different especially the crisp in the food and the different food it can cook ! We brought the Philips Avance XL Airfryer at $399 with FREE $100 SHOPPING VOUCHER (Usual price: $539) from Courts! The original price offered was $439 but we discovered that Courts have lowest price guaranteed promise (another point to take note!) where they match the price of competitor. Thus, as promised, Courts match the price with Harvey Norman and offered us $399 which was the same as selling price as the 0.8 kg capacity Air Fryer! What an attractive deal with an additional of $100 shopping voucher from Philip Showroom (ToaPayoh Lorong 1). The promotion is only from 25 May to 2 August 2015. This was how we got attracted and purchased the air fryer!


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23jumpin @ taiseng

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Hello everyone, last week i have just discovered a interesting place with a number of cafes! It is at Arvin Place 1, a little but ulu most people will not head towards that direction unless you have an idea where you are going! But don’t worry it’s not going to be a ulu long journey to good food! It is around. 5 to 10 minutes walk from Taiseng mrt! Walk to Arvin road and you will see a side street, Arvin place follow the signs and you will find it! It’s a row of cafe!!However the glass door are made of dark dull glass which makes it looks like it it not open, do take a peep to see if it’s open! They look newly opened! So we decided to try out 23jumpin!
Here is the menu!


Our Menu : Pizza Waffle
Since the pizza waffle is the new dish , so we decided to try it !There is two flavour for it : Mushroom cheese and Hawaii . There is also a special option for those that have difficulty in making choices which is “combination of hawaii and mushroom cheese” So why not? One product multiple taste!

Rate: 4/5
It really satisfy my craving for waffle and pizza. The waffle was still crispy despite adding savoury ingredients on the waffle. The waffle was filled which ingredients on the entire pizza which i really love it !
I would perfer the mushroom cheese flavour !

Duck Confit


Rate: 3.5/5
For the Duck Confit, i still perfer the one at Savuer in terms of taste and texture!

Jumpin’s Original Cotta

Looks really like something when we eat  HAHA


Eat only if you are sharing:)
It’s nicer because you eat together!


It is easily accessible from TaiSeng Mrt! So do try out the food there!:)
Probably will be back to try out other dishes! HAPPY CAFE HUNTING!

23 Jumpin
Address: #01-25, The Commerze@irving, 1 Irving Place
Mon: 11:00 – 14:00
Tue – Sun: 11:00 – 21:00

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How I spend my last day of 2014

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Hello everyone!
2014 has come to an end. Even though it feels just like any other days in my life, but i shall end it happily!
And nothing makes me happier than FOOD!!
So where did i go for GOOD FOOD?
Join me for my Johor Bahru Food Trail!

First place we went for dinner was a Chinese seafood restaurant(zichar)!!

Yi Jia Seafood Restaurant – 億家海鲜


We ordered the last coconut drink !

The first dish was served! Look at the beautiful soft juicy flesh! It was so juicy and delicious especially with the sauce bringing out the best taste! I felt so excited and all ready to eat!


This is another of my favorite dish! Salted egg sotong! Basically, i love salted egg! Salted egg prawn, salted egg sotong, salted egg chicken… anything with salted egg i would want to order! The sotong was really nice, it was cooked to the right level just nice – not too hard or too soft. But i prefer to have more salted egg maybe cause i like to eat the salted egg!

We also ordered  Yi Jia Crispy chicken which was one of the signature dishes!  It was really special the skin was crispy but the flesh was tender! It tasted like peking duck but now it’s a chicken!
The most awesome dish that we are waiting for!!This is our crab!!! The reason we are here !
Woohoo! You can actually pick your own crab and ask them to cook it in the way you want! The sauce was creamy and tasty! I can’t stop taking spoonful of the sauce! But, the mantou was small!! The crab was big , filled with fresh juicy crab meat! It’s worth getting your hands dirty!

So this is our dinner! There were actually more food but you know when it comes to food it’s hard to capture them! Fastest hand wins so most of the dishes were attacked before i could capture them!

Next Stop!
Dessert 2 U
We are going to have more food !! We came prepared with our stomach ready!
The cafe was quite new, basically it looks simple yet presentable! Decided to give it a try. The boss was very friendly as well and gave recommendation on what dessert to order!
2015-01-024 2015-01-025 2015-01-028

People behind this trip!! My mother(sleeper), Godmother(Driver’s Assistant), Godfather (Driver) , my sister and my future “handsome” brother in law(videographer/my sis happy pill) ! Haha! My mum was only awake when there’s food and camera haha!
So we tried the Durian snowice, black glutinous rice kueh, herbal jelly, tofu beancurd, and steamed egg pudding!

“But first… Let me take a selfie!”
HAHAHA the selfie turn out to be an accident! Ohmy! The sauce of the black glutinous rice kueh flow out!

And here is my Godmother and Godfather! They were the VIP- very important people of today! Thanks for driving us, making the last moment of 2014 well-spent !

Beside Dessert 2 U, there is another dessert cafe, dessert library. It looks interesting but i’m not a fan of book, i only love food!2015-01-0210

After dessert what else? Standard must do thing in Malaysia !
Massage! Massage in Malaysia is so cheap!
So just relax and pamper ourselves!


That’s not the end!!

Third round of food!! And i definitely grow fat today from the 3 foodstop!

One 2 Eat Café!
The cafe was really crowded,  filled with young people, families and adult!
Wonderful  atmosphere! Nice food, beer with live band! They sing really well and you can send in songs that that you would like them to sing!
2015-01-0211 2015-01-0212

Taddaaa!! The clock hit 12! Had a fabulous day eating of my 2014!

Have a fantastic start to the new year!Happy 2015! Hope to bring more happiness to everyone!

Thank you for reading! Hope you had a great year ahead!

Here’s the address of the places i went today!

Yi Jia Seafood Restaurant – 億家海鲜
Address: No. 17, 19, 21 & 23, Jalan Setia 9/17, Taman Setia Indah, Johor, 81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Austin Heights Desserts 2U 糖水阁
Address: No 45, Jln Austin Heights 8/8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 JB

One 2 Eat Café
Address: Jalan Austin Height 3, Taman Mount Austin Johor Bahru

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TCP World Ready Camp 14 to 16 November 2014

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Hi everyone!

I’m going to share my experience of Ngee Ann Poly Ready For The World camp under The Christieara Programme (TCP). TCP is a programme enables students to discover and challenge themselves to achieve excellence in personal, social and leadership skills. The camp was runned by Rohei corporation, a learning and development consultancy that champions the equipping of core skills for adult learners. This is the camp for students by Rohei!

This camp is so so so different from any other camps that i have attended . It is really one of a kind, one of the camp that impacted my life. It has value added my life and made me a better thinker and learner in many aspect. It gave me the chance to experience new things and brings me to a whole new perspective of world. During the camp, it really made me think about every single problem ,even the most insignificant things and people around me.

It’s going to be mentally draining if you decides to read through!

Day 1

The theme of camp is READY FOR THE WORLD!!
Registration starts at 830am at NPYA, we registered with our respective camp mentors. We were grouped according to different countries and i was from the country of China, ShangHai. I had no idea how we were sorted out probably randomly! We were given our camp booklets and lanyards. I really like how they designed the camp booklet with the theme for the camp. The camp booklet were “passports” and we had our individual boarding pass which helps to identify us .



The hospitality team did a great job!! We had refreshments for all 3 days of the camp!!
Can even drink Milo even though i’m not at home! No fear of hunger as well!! 🙂image

So here’s the starts the journey that will make your emotion go spinning!

So just take a look of the photos below…. Think about What comes to your mind?


Are those what you play in the past?Do they remind you of your childhood? Do you feel familiar with those toys you use to play? We were brought back to childhood, where we were still young and carefree. We saw the toys we used to play in the past, hear the sound of children laughing , chatting, playing, and got to taste childhood snacks to remind us about our childhood.
So what is all this about? We realize that memories has become part of our thoughts, memories comes in different way, what we hear, see, taste, feel and smell. Memories triggers our emotions,influence our decisions and reaction. How to react in certain situations ,how we deal with our problems. Part and parcel of them are because of our memories. We may not be aware how we behave in situation and why are we doing certain things, or even how you feel and why you feel this way. It all lies with our subconscious memories that trigger out actions. Think about the moment someone made you angry, was it because our past experiences that affected emotions? We need to be aware of our thought and emotions and don’t let them control you.

So how do we manage our emotions?  It doesn’t takes a day to change how we think but we can develop and learn over time. We need to recognize and understand emotions in ourselves and others, and use our ability of self awareness to manage our behavior and relationships.   The biggest obstacles to increasing self-awareness is to avoid feelings of discomfort and stop us from learning from our own experience. Without self awareness we will feel lost.

So here’s the next activity : Albatross

Some pictures to bring you through. In this activities we were brought through tribes that represent traditional welcome ceremony. The place was filled with some of the tribes decorations such as flowers. They communicated with such using their local language which was a clicking sound and brought us to the front. In this ceremony, the ladies were then brought to sit on the floor while men had chairs to sit on. Some of the assumption that people had was why the guys had the privilege to sit on chair which is considered to be of more luxury than sitting on the ground. The camp mentor then clarify by explaining that in their tribes, the guys are traditionally hunters, they take lives and are to be separated from the ground. Thus males sit on the chair. While on the other hand, female are considered more important and are to be closer to the ground as they give live.

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.”

Many of us form conclusion based on what we know, how we think. We can even lead to jumping into the wrong conclusion. There are many things that we do not observe. These things can actually cause friction and conflict due to the lack of awareness and understanding. image

The idea of the Albatross activity was to pick up the skill of social awareness and relationship management. It allow us to understand that culture are different in the world, people are different,and we shouldn’t assume people are same as us. We all have different belief system and values that we relates to our daily life, it not only people in different tribes just even our friends, we should respect individuals as who they are. Connecting with individual is not an easy task, we should learn to be open to share and understand each other. It take humility to adapt to people different from us.

Social awareness is the ability to pick up emotions in other people and understand what they are going through. We should learn to stay focused on perspectives of others instead of being caught up in our own emotion. Sometimes, we can even get caught in between our own emotions as well as others. It hard to learn to manage them but we need to learn.

Next, we had extraordinary and amazing speakers, Rachel Ong and Joel Mok to bring us through servant leadership. After hearing their stories, i feel so inspired by her story .She shared with us her personal life journey and the difficulties she overcame. She was an humble lady but her accomplishment was incredible. She also shared with us the characteristics of servant leadership , her words really impacted me. Not because of her qualifications, but her kind heart to serve and help people is impressive! She shared with us about humility, which was very useful life skill. Humility is not thinking any less of ourselves, but thinking about ourselves less. If a person is humble, he/she does not need people to know what they have done. The leader will quietly make things happen. We do not need others to praise or approve our actions. These are what servant leaders does, and people follow them because of who they are.

Click HERE to know more about Rachel Ong!


Music Session by Joe and Sherman

Coming to the end of Day 1!!
Here’s where are are going to sleep!!
First overnight camp! Introducing THE LOFT!!



This is probably one of the most comfortable camp, with beds and aircon!

It is also one of the most enriching camps !
So first day , what did i learn? I learn about myself, developing every single part of myself ,i discovered so much things about myself that i didn’t know in the past. Even though i still don’t have a clear purpose of my life, specific skills that i’m good in, aspiration of the future…. TO BE DISCOVERED 🙂


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